A year of bright sparks

As 2013 draws to a close I have been reflecting on the challenges facing the agencies I have met over the last 12 months to see where any themes or patterns exist.
Without exception, every agency I have spent time with has had a solid and relevant proposition and a loyal and dedicated client base. The people are smart, warm and engaging and demonstrate enthusiasm and ideas.
Yet, however good the agency and the people, continuing to deliver new business can still be a struggle. The majority of effort will always be geared towards servicing clients and taking time to step back to look at the agency from a prospect’s point of view rarely happens.
So, as we head into the New Year my advice for growth is to invest in a solid plan:
Set out clear objectives.
Plan joined up activity.
Measure activity and results.
And if you don’t have time to plan or can’t see the wood for the trees, ask for help.
Wishing you all a prosperous 2014.