I'm Lucy and I love new business

In short? I'm your biggest fan.

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I also love agencies like you. You add colour and energy to our economy. Your ideas impact the way we all work, live and interact.
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Over 30 years I’ve put in the hard new business yards, working in and for agencies of all shapes, sizes and disciplines.

The patterns I’ve observed and lessons I’ve learned along the way have proved to me that long term strategies work better than short term luck.

Because as an agency leader, much of the sales and marketing process probably falls outside your comfort zone. You might feel a bit uneasy contacting complete strangers with your business proposition. You could feel nervous about high-pace networking and public speaking. Generally, you may be more introvert than extrovert. All this is normal, natural and common. 

But left unchecked, these discomforts can become a barrier to your agency’s growth. 

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That’s why I’m a firm believer in the importance of using a marginal gains approach to fuel new new business growth. As well as building the skills and confidence in both you and your team to help you thrive. This has become my methodology, and it’s called Small Spark Theory® 

You can hear me talking all about it as an accredited advisor for the Design Business Association, a regular speaker on the topic of agency new business, and as the creator and host of the Small Spark Theory® new business podcast.

Happy clients,
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Working with Lucy was great for us. She was an amazing sounding board for us to explore where our priorities should be and to learn from her experiences with so many agencies of what can work well.

David Watts, Mima

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There wasn't a single session I came away from where I hadn't learnt something that made me better at my job. Lucy is an expert at taking something that seems complicated and turning it into the simplest thing in the world.

Hayden Clottey, Crush

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Lucy is approachable, a fantastic listener and has an armoury of useful tools and will carefully help you figure out a way forward that works based on your individual personality and skills.

Heather Williams, Element Human