Changes to LinkedIn Company Pages and what it means for you

Over the last year I have been encouraging my clients to make the most of LinkedIn, and in particular, not to overlook their Company Pages.
One useful feature of the Company Page was the Products/Services tab allowing a business to break down their offer into specific services, then for each of those services add related content, weblinks, contacts and best of all – recommendations.
However, as is the ever-changing nature of our beloved social channels, LinkedIn removed the Products/Services tab in April this year.
So what does this mean for you?
There are now two options for sharing information about your products and services:
Option one is to simply to use the company updates. These updates work the same as your individual profile updates, but posted by an administrator from the Company Page. The updates appear in the newsfeed of any page followers.
Option two, a Showcase Page, is a subsidiary of a Company Page and will allow you to post content on a particular service offering – however as the Showcase Page is essentially a newsfeed, which will have its own followers, you should have a plan for regularly uploading related posts before you commit. If this isn’t practical then I’d recommend sticking with company updates for now.
You can see an example of a Showcase Page here, and more information on the changes here.
Sound confusing?! Please get in touch if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help.