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Gunpowder’s services support creative, comms and digital agency leaders like you with new business, marketing and client development.

You’ll work directly with Lucy to create and implement new business strategies using the Small Spark Theory® methodology of marginal gains. This is much more than a marketing playbook. Small Spark Theory® is a mindset shift towards building a new business system that’s authentic, achievable and reliable for you.

By implementing Small Spark Theory® together, we’ll improve each area of your agency’s new business, marketing and client development. Just a 1% uplift across multiple points creates tangible value. And because it’s a more holistic and manageable approach, it lasts longer, helping you build more exciting and enjoyable relationships with clients who value you.

Working together, we'll solve these headaches:

Everything you need to succeed
at new business & marketing

Our work together starts with an audit of your agency ambitions and frustrations. We’ll dive into the details of your services, case studies, expertise and wider marketing assets and past new business performance. We then define your new business strategy, including your proposition, resourcing, KPIs and measurement tools. And once your new go-to-market plan is created, I’ll mentor you or your new biz managers to make sure it’s all working.

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Everything you need to succeed
at client development

You’ll get the structure, skills and support you need to feel confident in developing longer relationships with the clients you value the most. This is a three-part programme that starts with client development planning workshops to map out the opportunities and define a strategy and process. Then we’ll audit your current client relationships and set out a series of practical actions to optimise and improve over time.

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‘New business’ is a pretty broad brush term which covers a wide range of skills and activities, and in turn, ‘new business consultant’ can mean very different things to different people. I’m always happy to have a chat to any agency owner looking to solve a new business, agency marketing or client development challenge – if I can’t help, I’ll most likely be able to connect you with someone who can, however the following are some of the most common questions I get asked:

This is a big one! No. I’ll help you create the right strategy and plan, in line with your business objectives and will work with you to find the right new business and marketing resource to complement your existing skill base, whether that’s a permanent BD hire, a marketing freelancer, a lead generation agency or all of the above. This is where my recruitment experience and mighty network comes in.

It depends on the job that needs to be done. For example, a new business and marketing audit, strategy and plan will be a project, some agencies will then retain me to help keep them on track and maintain momentum.

Yes! I offer one-to-one mentoring programmes for anyone who needs support in their new business role, whether they are new to the role, have plateaued, or for anyone in a client services role who is taking on new business responsibilities.

Yes. Agency size isn’t a barrier at all, I’m more interested in what you’re trying to achieve, but it’s
important that we’re a good fit. A cup of tea over Zoom is a good place to start.

Happy clients,
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Lucy has challenged me to be forensic about what has and hasn’t worked in the past, to create a blueprint for sustainable success for the future, with a strong proposition and all the components of a solid business and marketing strategy in place to help us grow.

Joe Perkins, Chaptr

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Lucy’s got a great ability to communicate abstract ideas using insightful and memorable models. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucy to any agency seeking counsel on new business.

Neil Cooper, Radicle

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We’ve been implementing Lucy’s new business strategy since 2013. Lucy’s recommendations had a very big impact on how we operate, how we plan ahead and of course on how our business is growing.

Joanna Brassett, intO