Feeling optimistic?

It’s worth stating at this early point in the proceedings that this is not a self help blog. But if I have learnt one thing over the years of new business practice, it is that all other things being equal: relevant offer, quality work and a good plan; one of the key ingredients for new business success is optimism.
Now let’s be clear this is not blind optimism. This is not charging headlong into unqualified pitch opportunities, or projecting new business revenue based on an exchange of business cards at a conference. This is simply remaining positive, optimistic and motivated enough that you continue to do the good things well, day-after-day.
Sounds simple? In theory yes it is. But as we all know agency life has a tendency to get in the way. Whether you are an agency head also tasked with generating new leads or you have a role solely focussed on marketing the business to new clients, remaining optimistic every day can be a challenge. Things go wrong. People have disagreements. Technology can let you down. The list goes on.
So how do you block this out?
I was struck by a recent post by Hunter Walk, observing the behaviours of new starters at Google – or Nooglers as they are known. Hunter describes how:

  • New employees are always psyched about the opportunity – they see the glass half-full, brimming with potential.
  • New employees don’t yet know “that’s the way it’s always been done here” – they see processes and limitations with fresh eyes.
  • New employees aren’t aware that “it’s been tried before and failed” so they are able to surface the things you should be doing but struggled to execute.
  • New employees introduce themselves to everyone, because, well, they’re new and there’s no social stigma to it at all.
  • New employees don’t have any political baggage – they give their colleagues the benefit of the doubt.

Now, what if you could recreate that optimism, every day, in a new business context? What if you could adopt that new employee mindset? Wouldn’t it just be a little easier to get things done?
Tempted? Try it and see.