One Small Spark: Case studies

Small Spark: Case studies

A vital component of any agency’s business development arsenal, on the surface case studies seem pretty straightforward, generally some version of: problem, approach, solution, impact. But the humble case study has hidden powers.

Let’s look at how three simple ways to leverage some marginal gains:

  • How effectively are we framing the problem we solved? 

At the conclusion of a project, usually when we are creating our case studies, there is a tendency to concentrate on the outputs. After all, that is what has occupied our attention in the latter stages of delivery. However, to ensure that the case study resonates with potential clients, it is crucial that we revisit the initial brief and ensure that we present our work within the context of the original business challenge.

  • Can we make it dynamic?

Video is create way to create more impact with your case studies, whether you use it to tell the story of the project, or simply to capture a client testimonial. Where possible provide the longer form case study to still give your audience the option and maximise SEO.

  • Rehearse your case studies!

This is probably the most overlooked opportunity I experience when I meet agencies and potentially the biggest marginal gain. A handful of people in the agency have direct experience and understanding of the agency’s key case studies, but the rest of the team don’t have enough knowledge about the projects they haven’t worked on. 

If everyone in the agency can articulate the business challenge, solution and impact of the agency’s key case studies in their own conversational way, then the potential for uncovering new opportunities is huge. 

Find ways to regularly share and discuss these projects amongst you and encourage everyone to find their own way to tell the story. 

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