Pip PIC 2021


Agency Thought Leadership

Pip Stocks | Brandhook

I’m calling this episode ‘thought leadership’ for the sake of brevity, and SEO but in reality this is about so much more.

Pip Stocks runs Brandhook, a Melbourne-based brand and customer experience consultancy.

Over the last four years Pip, and Brandhook, have owned the conversation around “Closing the Gap”, understanding how brands can get closer to their customers in an era of increasing digital disruption.

I’ve followed the progress of Closing the Gap, as a series of presentations, blog posts, editorials, a podcast, numerous speaking engagements and a book. It has been a masterclass in agency thought leadership campaigning I have referenced to my clients again and again.

Pip joins me to talk agency positioning, service innovation, thought leadership campaigning and dodgy nineties fashion.

You can see more about Brandhook and check out the new platform, Hearsay.

Kara Swisher’s podcast is Recode Decode

As always we’ve giving away a copy of Pip’s recommended read, Small Data by Martin Lindstrom. Listen in to find out how to win.