The power of community

Ian Harris | Agency Hackers

I can’t imagine finding an agency owner, who since March, hasn’t tuned in to at least one of the myriad of webinars or zoom chats that have been made available through either our industry bodies (see our earlier conversation with DBA CEO Deborah Dawton), individual agency experts or peer networks. From HR and culture, finance and operations to client service and new business, the range of advice and resources available have been momentous. So for our final episode of this year, it feels fitting to pull up a chair and chat with the founder of one of the UK’s leading agency peer support groups.

Ian Harris has been running Agency Hackers for the last four years, providing a community of agencies with insight, education and support.

Ian joins to me to reflect on a year of twists and turns and look ahead to 2021.

As always we’ll be giving away a copy of Ian’s recommended read: Charlatan: The Fraudulent Life of John Brinkley.

So don your Christmas jumper, grab a mince pie and settle in. The end is in sight.