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Managing digital capacity

Manish Dudharejia | E2M

Winning new clients has never been straightforward. But after the upheaval of the last few years, last year in particular we saw an added complication – resource.

And of course that scarcity of talent naturally increased salary expectations, meaning that profit margins on new and existing projects were being squeezed even further. 

For this episode I speak to Manish Dudharejia, founder and president of E2M Solutions (and I’m very proud to say, sponsor of Small Spark Theory) about how his 180 strong team support over 150 agencies with white label digital services to take the pain out of the scaling and resourcing process. 

We explore how Manish’s desire to build a people over profit business has created a powerful niche which allows him to focus hiring and developing specialist digital talent, allowing agencies to focus on building their client relationships, all while protecting profit margins. 

We’ll be giving away a copy of Manish’s recommended read: Measure What Matters: The Simple Ideas that Drives 10x Growth by John Doerr, listen in to find out how to win. 

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This episode is sponsored by E2M, the #1 white label digital agency partner.

Measure What Matters