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How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb


Reposition, rename, rebrand

Rachel Cook | ThreeTenSeven

Here we are at the beginning of 2024 and it feels fitting for our first episode of the year to celebrate change.

Last Summer, 40 year old agency Thompson Brand Partners rebranded as ThreeTenSeven – the final iteration of the agency’s repositioning following a management buy-out in 2019.

At a time when we have seen so much uncertainty, in the economy, our working practices and our client’s changing needs, I was inspired by the confidence of this move, and wanted to find out more.

In this episode I talk to Managing Director Rachel Cook, about the process the team went through to bring about this change, the implications for the agency’s new business and marketing and that small matter of showcasing diversity in leadership.

Rachel’s recommended read is How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb, listen in to find out how to win a copy.

As discussed in this episode we are always delighted to hear from potential guests with stories and expertise to share. If that’s you, please get in touch.

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How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb