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Why we need to stop 'doing' new business

Lucy Mann

Over the recent months, I have observed how agencies have been experiencing the impact of economic uncertainty – including the stalling of client decision-making, frozen budgets, disappearing pipelines, and everything in between.

In their recent BenchPress report, The Wow Company described last year as ‘brutal’ for agencies, and as 2024 adds more political uncertainty, there is no sign of any immediate relief.

So, with this in mind, I wanted to share my thoughts on why ‘new business’ is such a problem for agencies and suggest some practical steps we can take to alleviate that ever-present feeling of needing to pull a proverbial rabbit out of a hat.

There’s no book recommendation this month; instead, I’ve compiled a short guide to help you reboot your new business pipeline in five simple steps.

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Reboot your new business pipeline free download