Clair Heaviside Co-Founder Serotonin
There is No Wall by Allie Bailey


Agency lessons from an ultra-runner

Clair Heaviside | Serotonin

Small Spark Theory has always been about a mindset. When I started this podcast back in 2017 I wanted to harness the marginal gains thinking that was and still is, so prevalent in elite sport and apply it to an altogether different kind of winning – agency new business.

So when I heard Serotonin Co-Founder Clair Heaviside talking about her ultra-running at an agency conference earlier this year I knew she would be the perfect guest. How right I was! 

Join us as we discuss how training and competing in endurance sports has informed Clair’s approach to running an agency.

This is one of the most inspiring episodes we’ve recorded. There is so much we can learn from Clair’s experience about consistency, mental fortitude, decision-making and discipline and culture. 

Clair’s book recommendation is There is No Wall by Allie Bailey. Listen in to find out how to win a copy. 

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