Welcome to Gunpowder

This business is the culmination of over 20 years of new business practice.
Those years have been spent working exclusively with marketing services agencies. Agencies of every discipline, size, shape and, let’s not be shy – quality. There has been mailing, emailing, cold calling (lots of cold calling), pitching, talent scouting, recruiting, managing, training, mentoring, motivating, planning, measuring, analysing, reporting, matchmaking, referring, losing and winning.
The combination of the successes and failures, some brilliantly inspirational colleagues and dose of good old fashioned marketing study has provided many moments of epiphany. Now, all of those lessons learned, the tricks, tips, insights and tools have been collated, polished and packaged as Gunpowder.
The mission? To help agencies take control of the new business process. To create workable new business plans that get results. To provide the tools to measure success. To mentor in house new business teams.
Want to get your new business plan in shape for 2013? Get in touch!