Why you need a plan

A marketing agency’s brand can often be the most overlooked of all.
When the pressure is on for new business revenue there is a temptation to leap straight into lead generation tactics, but without a robust strategy and plan, this can prove costly, inefficient or at worst ineffective.
Getting the right strategy and plan in place is fundamental to success. Here are a few things to bear in mind when you approach the new business planning process.

  • Audit first. Take the time to properly review your target audience, market trends and competitor landscape. Take a long hard look at at your proposition and messaging.
  • Keep it simple. If your plan is too grand, it will never happen. Concentrate on doing a few things really well.
  • Spread the implementation load. If your resource is too limited, you’ll get busy and again, it won’t happen. Delegate or hire specialist help and get it done. There will be skills in your existing team that are not being utilised.
  • Set deadlines and KPIs. Measure activity and results.

Above all, set a a deadline for creating your plan, stick to it, then get going.